Justify The Means

OK….. so I’m graduating today and it seems like I might not see a lot of you again. I don’t know how to feel about this but I know I’m going to do whatever to keep in contact with you people who I’m close with. There is probably going to be a ton of sadness […]

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The End Of The Beginning

Well theres not much time left here, the school year is almost over and i’m leaving for Texas . My dad left from Texas today to head up here for my graduation and i’m not a hundred percent sure when i’m leaving, but it’s too soon. To make a lot of matters worse this thesis […]

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Almost Gone

It’s almost the end of the school year and ughhhhhh, Mr.Skoneckis giving us this really really stupid thesis thing and like it’s…….stupid you know? But whatever it’s gotta be done so I get some what of a good report card. Graduation is going to be fun, sad, and.. our last :(, even though I dont […]

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SO Funny I Wanna Cry

Ok so there’s this really funny video and every time I watch it I  die a little inside.I showed two people and they didn’t think it was that funny *COUGH* Hope and Imaia. SO I would like to share this very funny video with you people who I beleave have a better sense of humor […]

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Ugh, i’m like sick and like eh life is so not ok because I can’t breath out of one nose hole sooooo yea.Plus I have a headache and its not horrible but it’s not better with being sick, ugh im done with this blog because I don’t know wat else to wright about.

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Ok you all know I >>>>DO NOT WHAT SO EVER HAVE A LIFE<<<. I reguraly jus stay home, eat, go on my laptop, and think about how I dont have a life while I enjoy Netflix. Fortunately i’m going to hang out with my friend Carli and watch.. if you couldnt guess, Netflix. Again I […]

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